Create the perfect computing environment for yourself and your family

From a single inbox to an advanced integrated home computing network — your journey begins here. Learn how Mac Zen can provide you with custom designed home computing architecures suited specifically to you and your family's needs.

Bringing Together Home & Technology

Apple’s iOS™ and Macintosh™ based technology seamlessly integrates entertainment, creativity and productivity, turning our homes into visions of the future.

It’s here. Now.

Mac Zen brings system design into the home, creating easy to use, advanced computing environments for individuals and families.  

Combining your personal goals and your vision for your home, Mac Zen will design an environment for you using Apple’s technology as a core platform. Connect your home with almost all legacy and upcoming consumer technology to achieve more, and enjoy every second.

Mac Zen will work closely with trades and AV specialists to turn your home into a 21st century marvel.

Streamline your home life. Be Big on Productive.

We achieve more when we’re working at peak efficiency. As part of a technology overview, have Mac Zen design individual and family workflows for you to maximize your time and keep your family in perfect sync.

Taking advantage of the interconnected nature of iOS and Mac OS X,  combined with highly developed third-party software. You can have a workflow that reduces wasted time and propels you towards your goals.

Centralise your Media

iCloud™ provides a storage and distribution model for our music and apps, but the vast amount of photography, home video and feature film  content will for the foreseeable future remain within our homes.

By centralizing our storage within the home, anyone in your home can enjoy family movies, slideshows, digital albums, music and feature length entertainment from anywhere in the house, on any device.

Effortlessly Multi-room with AirPlay™

Apple gives us the ability to stream our own content to any room in the house. Even at a basic level, the technology to send a movie from your iMac to your TV is built in to every piece of Apple technology you buy today.

Want to stream that podcast you were listening to yesterday to the iPod dock in the kitchen? Want to move it with you upstairs to your home office? It’s all there and Mac Zen can help you bring together your existing technology, or help you design a brand-new, exquisite, high-end environment that is built into the very fabric of your home.

Modern Communication for our immediate and extended circles

We all have a message to communicate, whether it's to our friends, our loved ones, colleagues, or a wider audience. Make communication a  part of your home’s design.

Connecting and Sharing is fundamental to why we use computers and what we use them for. Integrating today’s most advanced communication technologies into your existing home environment brings your family closer together.

iOS and Macintosh products all have forward facing camera’s built in, and we are literally saturated with devices ready to help us communicate. By being proactive and planning how you can use these devices with services such as Skype, Voice over IP, iCloud and Dropbox, you can be empowered to share your world with ease and confidence.

Performance Networking at Home or Away

Modern homes require secure, low-maintenance and high-performance networks to power the simultaneous high-bandwidth demands of media streaming, video communication, and internet access.

Apple’s family of Airport routers excel at providing highly-configurable secure networks. With advanced and intuitive configuration tools built in to Mac OS X, these network appliances are designed to compliment iOS and iCloud and provide private and secure remote access to your home no matter where you are.

Mac Zen can design a home network that compliments your every need, and includes a practical approach to security. A big-picture approach ensures that your investment in home connectivity will outlast the requirements of the foreseeable future.

Pre-purchase Consultation

Consider all your goals prior to investing in your technology. Together, we can find the perfect product mix to achieve your vision.

Book a home consultation and design assessment

Planning upgrades or renovating? One hour now can save a great deal. We will meet to discuss your individual and family needs, your available equipment, and provide a design, cost assessment on installation, additional equipment and software. The estimate will also include training for yourself and any members of your home.

Furthermore, should you proceed with the plans, the time you invest in having Mac Zen assess and design you technology outfit will be deducted from your final installing and training invoice.