Robust Computing Environments and Workflows that Transform Your Business

Corporate environments of 3 or more people constitute workgroups that have a fair amount of information to collaborate on.

From designing workstation and server production flows to client workstation imaging and deployment, Mac Zen is a technology parter committed to accompanying your organization throughout its growth.

With extensive Macintosh & iOS hardware and software experience you can depend on Mac Zen to keep on par with your technology needs.

An eye for efficiency

Aside from pioneering new computing technology, Apple has put a vast amount of detail into the core functionality of the operating system. By leveraging all of the workflow and productivity functionality, we can together provide your organization with a highly efficient look at your business process.

Empowering your colleagues with systems and supporting documentation that help them do their work better and faster can vastly increase adoption of new business practices. This dramatically increases the likelihood that the efficiencies you are investing in will see a return.

Mac Zen focuses on adoption of workflow design through simple documentation and friendly, patient training and support.

Workgroup and Department Collaboration the Apple Way

Your company thrives on departments and teams to provide exceptional value to your clients. Mac Zen can help you design collaborative environments that keep your workgroups running smoothly.

These workflows can include:

  1. Advanced File Sharing and Departmental Access Permissions
  2. Collaborative white-boarding and secure internal video conferencing, instant messaging, and Ad Hoc file transfers.
  3. Workgroup Scheduling and Calendar Sharing
  4. Directory services for customer and workgroup contacts
  5. Workstation-agnostic architectures to reduce dependencies on individual computers and points of failure.

Enable your company to grow out of just one location

By designing network environments that bond locations together, you provide your organization with the power to leverage all of its internal assets to create and produce across the entire company.

Corporate VPN’s allow you to share your resources and foster better communication among all of your colleagues. By providing the same resources and accessibility to company assets, you minimize costs, and maximize on productivity.

Enjoy workflow and system design documentation unique to your Macintosh and iOS environment

As part of the system design process, Mac Zen can provide you with documentation to support your production and technical staff. Workflow and training documentation is included as a line item on all proposals where applicable and can be waived if preferred.

Network design, device login credentials, and general configuration is always documented as part of the hourly rate extended to corporate clients.