What are your Learning Goals?

We're all good at something. For most people, however, being good at computers is at the bottom of the list. Computers are so integral to how we get things done, that if this is you, consider hiring Mac Zen to polish your skills and achieve your goals faster.

There are some basic core skills that every Mac and iOS user should have available to them. You will learn how to use your Mac in the most efficient manner possible.

By focusing on basic principles, everyone has a capacity to become a highly proficient user.

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Make it a business goal to become more proficient with your Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad

Are there things you wish you could do with your Apple gear that you’ve seen someone else doing either in public or in advertisements?

With the extensive range of Mac applications and iOS apps available, there’s little that can’t be achieved these days. Your business is waiting to have some improved tools to meet your financial and productive goals.

Let Mac Zen guide you through some of the most important leaps in computer and software technology to date with customized training for yourself and your business partner.

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Provide your staff with core skills that enhance productivity

Quality training is essential to keep organizations running smoothly. Having a reliable instructor to train your staff on the latest benefits available in Apple's Mac OS X 10.7 Client and Server software, as well as the thousands of top-quality Apple and third-party applications can have a positive effect on productivity.

The power of the tech lunch

Invest in staff Q & A group training sessions over lunch that help them become better producers. Mac Zen provides a 1.5 hour package comprised of half an hour in a boardroom over lunch for a question an answer session on topics of your staff’s choice. The package includes an additional hour of one-on-one shared among the attendees at their workstations.

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