An Install Without Clutter is an Install Without Distraction

It could be an iMac, it could be a MacBook Pro. There’s a reason why your white power cable comes carefully spooled inside that beautiful box. Apple recognizes that the customary kinks in computer cables are ugly and ruin the aesthetic appeal of their hardware, and so make every effort to reduce the visual impact and volume of wires that we have to live with.

In keeping with this philosophy, you can always expect careful, considerate and unobtrusive installation from Mac Zen, so you can enjoy a cleaner, more productive and creative computing environment. 

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Expert Macintosh Supply and Installation

Have a plan with a big equipment list? No problem! No body knows your business or its needs better than you do. Rely on extraordinary service to supply and install your hardware and software to the level of satisfaction that you expect.

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From proposal to procurement Mac Zen has your installation covered

Have Mac Zen project manage large Apple installations for you. By leveraging additional network, cabling and system engineering resources as applicable, you can rest assured that your projects - whether internal or in support of client services will meet with your satisfaction and will be reflective of your organization’s demands.

Singular equipment purchases can be delivered and installed by Mac Zen with minimal impact to your production and demands on your staff.

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