Home Performance and Troubleshooting

Slow Wi-Fi or home computer? You deserve the best possible.

Home Performance & Troubleshooting

Even the fastest Mac can bog down in the face of old age or spotty wi-fi, and sometimes it's so gradual you don't even notice. In a quick visit, we could give you 20-30% quicker internet and a faster startup time. Those few minutes can add up to reading a book, watching a movie, or hanging out with the kids.

Wi-Fi Tuneup

  • Internet cutting in and out? 
  • Did you recently move?
  • Netflix or Apple TV slow?

Did you know that things like your wireless home phone, refrigerator and even microwave can affect your home Wi-Fi? Modern homes with concrete construction or in-floor heating can also make it tough to get signal to different parts of your house.

Older machines or routers can also drag down the speed of your faster, newer devices, or may be too low-power for a new home. Certain settings, like your Domain Name Server options, may not be ideally set and can make websites load slowly.

We start by doing a brief audit of your existing setup, so we can highlight anything that might be interfering. Then, we dive into your router settings and physical locations to look for ways we can speed things up. If we recommend any additional devices, we can also set those up and configure them for you. Finally, we'll give you a report of your passwords, what goes where, and test everything thoroughly.

Mac Cleanup & Speedup

  • Taking forever to start up?
  • Applications frustratingly slow?
  • Running out of storage space?

Problems like this are sometimes caused by all sorts of old settings and logs that take up space on your machine. A full hard drive can also contribute by taking up virtual memory — the space your Mac needs to think. Crashes and misbehaving applications can also stop things in the middle of writing, leaving half-finished files lying around.

Your machine might also have older hardware that’s struggling to keep up with the latest websites and applications, but since they rarely list system requirements, it can be hard to know whether you need to make a change!

First, we want to know what kind of issues you're running into. Our second step is to use our diagnostic tools to dig into the details of your current setup, and the overall health of your system. From there, we can delete old cache files, unused applications and plugins, and make recommendations around replacing old or failing parts.

One of these sound familiar?

Robin's slow MacBook

This laptop shuts down at the drop of hat whenever the battery is low, and booting it back up takes so long it drives Robin crazy. Sometimes she has to sit, staring at the screen, while the computer tries to move a file from one place to another.

How we'd fix it

  • Clear out old and unused Startup Items
  • Use Disk Utility to repair directory problems
  • Re-condition battery for more accurate runtime

Solved for $120

Stuart's troubles with Youtube

Watching videos on the web is a frustrating affair for Stuart thanks to all the stuttering, and that spinning wheel saying, "Buffering..." It can take a long time for a website to actually start loading, and when it does, not all the images work.

How we'd fix it

  • Change DNS settings for faster page lookup
  • Disable browser plugins you're not using
  • Replace an old, low-power router

Solved for $239 — One Hour + New Apple Airport Express

Don's new house

It's tough for Don's in-laws to get wi-fi in the guest room. His wireless printer keeps losing signal, and that's only when his MacBook and iMac can even find the network. The wireless speakers in the living room keep cutting out midway through movie marathons!

How we'd fix it

  • Test the home for concrete and radio interference
  • Measure drop-out areas to spread wi-fi coverage
  • Update in-laws' iPad and Don's home Macs to latest OS

Solved for $520 — One Hour + New Apple Airport Extreme + Airport Express