Full Service Computer Setup & Installation

Get up and running with minimal hassle and downtime.

Full Service Computer Setup & Installation

Home Installation & Setup

Have your Apple equipment setup just how you need it.

Which Mac is right for me?

Buying a new computer can be daunting. There are so many options it’s hard to know what to choose! Laptop, desktop, regular, Air or Pro?

Together, we find answers to all the questions that count. What do you want to do with your Mac? What kind of programs do you use, or would like to learn? What kinds of files do you have to store and manage? 

Once we know what you need, we draw on our experience to recommend the perfect machine for you — the best fit for price, speed and capacity.

What else do I need?

Are you switching from an older Mac or PC? Rather than transferring over any cruft, we can help you start fresh and bring over only what you need. Avoiding copying old preference files and settings can save you lots of  support costs and headaches down the road.

A new computer is often more than the machine. We can help choose a printer, backup, extra storage, warranty and more — and we promise it’ll all work together smoothly.

So I have my new Apple device — now what?

Personalizing your new Mac, iPhone or iPad, and getting it all working together is what we do. We’ll get you going on email, iCloud, Skype and everything else.

You’ll also get our help getting your new machine to sync up with your phone, iPad and any existing systems you’ve got, like wi-fi or home audio.

We’ll also check back in with you to make sure everything’s still in great shape, and follow up to recommend any important software updates or changes. Your new computer is our baby, too!