Backup & Protection

Your data matters. Ensure its protection.

Backup Protection Packages

Easy to use backups you can trust.

Everyone's got things they care about stored on their machine; family photos or videos, business documents, tax records, or a priceless music collection. And it's never pleasant thinking about the worst case scenario. Backing up the things that matter doesn't have to be confusing, difficult or tough to remember. When you have a good system, it's automatic — you can set it and forget it. Welcome to a new peace of mind.

Do you own one computer?

A single external hard drive is all you need to give yourself peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Keeping a regular backup is a snap with your Mac’s built-in Time Machine program — let us show you how.

What we recommend
  • For laptops, it makes sense to have a small, portable drive, so you can back up on the go. The Western Digital MyPassport for Mac works flawlessly with Time Machine and stores thousands of pictures, songs or movies with its 1 terabyte capacity.
  • For larger Macs, a desktop drive offers more storage and more bang for the buck. The Western Digital MyBook series offers up to 3 terabytes in a compact form that won’t clutter your desk.

How about two or three?

Rest easy — there’s no need to have a drive for each one of your computers. You can store data from multiple Macs on one single drive, with no extra technical support or cabling.

What we recommend
  • Backing up more than one Mac is just as easy with Apple’s own Time Capsule storage units. Acting as both an internet router and a wireless hard drive, a Time Capsule can backup multiple Macs at the same time over your home’s wi-fi connection.

Storage for the whole family

Does your music or photo collection make the Library of Congress jealous? Have you got more than a few computers going on at your home or small business? It might be time to consider some network storage.

What we recommend
  • Access your files from anywhere and easily transfer things between your computers with the Western Digital My Cloud EX2. This prosumer-grade drive is easy to use once set up, and can provide worry-free backups and syncing for any home or office.