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    General Support

In-home support that addresses your specific needs

Tuned-up? Backed-up? Why we'll even get you trained-up.

We think that working and creating on your Mac should be a fun and productive experience, no matter how comfortable you are with computers. That’s why we offer hands-off coaching that helps you understand not just what to do, but how things work — so you can get things done without consulting a manual.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people in Victoria on everything from email problems, to backing up important files, to making a photo book to celebrate your niece’s bat mitzvah. Everyone can sometimes use a helping hand.

Get started by choosing one of our frequently-requested packages, or get in touch to set up your own custom session.

LPMI Home Performance

Performance & Troubleshooting

Even the fastest Mac can bog down in the face of old age or spotty wi-fi. Let Mac Zen assess your computing situation, do some targetted fine-tuning and clean-up and we could potentially give you quicker internet and a faster startup times. 

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LPMI Home Backup & Protection

& Protection

What's stored on your computer is valuable – In some cases it's irreplaceable. Backing up the things that matter doesn't have to be confusing or difficult. Let Mac Zen give you the peace of mind that you're prepared for a worst case scenario.

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LPMI Home Delivery & Installation

Full Service Computer Setup & Installation

Buying a new computer and setting it up can be daunting. Mac Zen can assist by learning your needs and advising what to purchase. We draw on our experience to recommend the perfect machine for you — the best fit for price, speed and capacity.

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LPMI Rem Immediate

Family Computing

Getting everyone's computer, mobile device and all that data working together seamlessly has great benefits but can be a big challenge. Buying Macs means you've got the best tool for your family – Now let Mac Zen help you make the most of them.

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LPMI Rem Immediate

General Support

Working on a Mac can be a fun a productive experience. Mac Zen offers coaching, general technical support and customized asistance to help you use your Mac to its fullest and ensure that it's in top condition.

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