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Getting back to work…at school

With schools starting up again, the Summer freedom of the nomadic worker, if they are also a parent, tends to take on a bit more structure. I myself experience this so it occurred to me that it might be helpful to highlight remote work locations near schools. The benefit of such locations is that one can pop in right after drop-off in the morning or right before pick-up in the afternoon and get a bit of work done. Often you’ll be able to get a coffee for yourself or a snack for that hungry little one you’re about to see.

Not all of these locations will have internet access, but sometimes that’s a plus as it can limit distractions and let you get a few key tasks taken care of. And of course, these locations are quite available to those without doing the drop-off or pick-up routine.


  • Margaret Jenkins - Fairfield Branch (off Irving Rd, behind the Gonzales Pharmacy)
  • Willows - Pure Vanilla Bakery & Café on Cadboro Bay Road, The Village Restaurant in Estevan Village
  • Sir James Douglas - Cottage Bakery (1267 Fairfield Road)
  • James Bay Elementary - James Bay Coffee and Books (143 Menzies St.)
  • South Park - Tre Fantastico (in the Parkside hotel)

Some of these spots may not have been on your radar before, so we hope you’ll find this list handy.