Focus on your Team, not your IT Performance

Performance Productivity and Training

Hardware Performance Review & Upgrades

One of the most common issues in modern business computing comes from a lack of documentation surrounding current hardware and software. You know when your network isn’t performing well. You know when your Macs run out of space. You know when team members complain about the availability of storage and network services. You know that you’re unprotected and that your data is scattered and unorganized across countless team member workstations.

Say goodbye to uncertainty. For power-users and well-trained staff, Apple-based workflows are unparalleled in performance and availability, and have a well-documented lower-overall cost of ownership. Engaging Mac Zen to optimize, and manage your infrastructure can give you a confidence that your team has a consistently well-tuned and well-maintained computing environment designed just for them—from the first person in the door to the last person burning the midnight oil from home.

  • Full System Discovery Reports
  • Summary and List of Assets
  • Software and Hardware Lifespan Assessment
  • 18 Month Service Calendar
  • 18 Month Expenditure Plan
  • Workstation Reports
  • Hardware Labelling
  • Performance Upgrade Path

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Workflow Training and Process Development

If all we did was focusing on computers, who would look after your team? Mac Zen prefers to approach IT in a holistic manner. We assess your team and their computing / information management environment, and provide recommendations for training and workflow optimizations.

Through short management and team member interviews, our workflow discovery process assesses bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your workflows, and provides you with a report and estimate to optimize one or two key areas within your workflow and support your staff with a range of training and documentation options, such as online knowledge bases, and procedural documentation for file management and naming conventions.

Since most companies struggle with staff turnover at some point or another, our proactive approach to on-boarding and decommissioning team members is at the forefront of our education and adoption practices.

What’s more, because the On-Board / Decommission process is detailed and practiced, as a business owner you have a clear idea of how much it costs every time an employee comes on board or leaves—a cost factor largely overlooked by most businesses.

Read through our testimonials to find out how we’ve been able to help companies stay productive and informed on computing best practices within their organizations.