Essential Services for Businesses of all sizes

Essential Services

Data Protection and Security

Your data is irreplaceable. It represents tens of thousands of man hours. Client personal records; taxes and accounting info; production and internal assets—all irreplaceable work product. Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing their data is safe. From password management policies, to thoughtful backup strategies, we give you the hardware, coaching and support documentation to maintain a high standard of protection. If you’re looking for a single, rock-solid source for data security, Mac Zen’s support packages offer backup maintenance & security reviews every three or six months.

  • Do your staff know how to make good passwords, and find them when they need them?
  • When was the last time you felt 100% confident and informed about your backups and server system?
  • Could you benefit from an overview of your company’s data protection policies?

Hardware Supply and Installation

Whether you’re planning for growth this fiscal year, or responding to an immediate need, Mac Zen provides a turn-key equipment supply and maintenance service. Corporate clients also get complimentary pre-purchase consultation on all equipment orders, so you know you’re buying the right tool for the job.

Have a piece of equipment that is giving you difficulty? We help you keep track of equipment purchase dates and warranties. When equipment needs repair or warranty replacement, Mac Zen works with the manufacturer, facilitates service and handles return merchandise authorizations when you need them.

  • Are your staff spending too much time struggling with new equipment?
  • Are you confident you're getting the best bang for your technology budget buck?
  • What costs could you be facing in 6 months or 18 months from now? 

Priority Support

We know downtime hurts your business. Our commitment is to provide priority support to all of our clients in a timely manner. 

  • Need a hand? We'll get back to you within four hours to schedule an on-site or remote session — seven days a week.
  • Have an urgent problem? We'll be on the phone inside 90 minutes. We can offer remote support sessions within 8 hours, and can book an on-site session in the next 24.

Have Mac Zen Audit your Infrastructure

  • How quickly are you able to respond to an unforeseen event?
  • Do you have all the info you need to make the right call in an emergency?
  • What are the consequences of downtime?

Guarantees / Our Commitment

Mac Zen is your single point of contact for all of your infrastructure needs. We assign and inform a team specifically for you, and keep detailed records of the machines we work on and what was done. Our audit package lays out follow-up schedules, update/upgrade paths and cost expectations, so you can be confident that our work makes for a sound and valuable investment.