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Collaboration and File Sharing

Mac Zen’s approach to server hardware balances your team’s requirements, data performance requirements, and the overall performance of your network infrastructure. We always build solutions mindful of the cost:benefit ratio of the solution. With ease of use, performance and security at the forefront, you can trust that the solution you invest in will either grow with your business or be part of a re-purposing plan as your team’s demands grow. Mac Zen will design a system tuned to your business’ Apple computing environment.

Our relationships with distributors and local vendors makes Mac Zen the cornerstone in your company’s technology decisions, and makes use of the best equipment and services available from manufacturers such as Apple, Western Digital, Connected Data, and many others.

As part of our assessment and deployment programme, you can be confident that your solution will:

  • Empower your Team
  • Bring departments together
  • Provide adoption strategies to ensure the success of your investment
  • Provide training and follow-up communication
  • Make best use of our common knowledge-base documentation, so you get the most out of your dollar
  • Provide thorough testing and maintenance procedures
  • Identify measurable outcomes to ensure the project is a success

Please note that all file server and infrastructure development will include a Network Audit as part of the proposal if this has not yet been undertaken. This process is designed to ensure that what you get is optimal for your company’s needs.

Whether you are motivated by a recent disaster, or are proactively approaching your organization’s workflow, Mac Zen is your partner in technology for now and the future.

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