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Setting Your Default Font in Microsoft Word

Everytime you open an new word document, it defaults to a typeface called Cambria. For some, this font is not their ideal. It may not reflect their personality, or may just not be a personal preference.


Most people just choose the font they want and then start typing, But this can become a nuisance if you write a lot of Word documents, or have a business that would look better with everyone using a consistent font across all of their documentation.

Most people just choose the font they want and then start typing

To set your default font, follow these steps

1. Go to the Word menu and pull down to "Preferences..."

To set your default font, follow these steps


2. Click on the "Save" preference:



3. Click "Prompt to save Normal template" and make sure the box is checked. Click "OK" to confirm.



4. Under the "Format" menu, pull down to "Style…"



5. In the window that opens, first check to make sure that "Normal" is selected in the column on the left. Then click "Modify…"



6. The Modify window opens and you will see an area to select your new default font. Choose it, and click "OK"



7. Confirm that your new choice is reflected in the Style window when you return to it. I chose Arial in this example. Click "Apply"



8. Quit Word.



9. You may be asked to save the document you had open (in my case it was blank). Click Save if it was important. But then, you're presented with this little box, asking if you'd like to save changes to the global template. Click Save here, and you've completed the last step. The next time you launch Microsoft Word, any new documents you create will automatically have your favourite font.


Prevent any further changes to the global "Normal" template

As an optional last step, you may want to go back and repeat steps 1-3 above, this time unchecking the "Prompt to Save Normal Template" box.