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Printing photos at London Drugs

One of the best things about the evolution of technology is that most of us now have a great camera right in our pocket or purse. These allow us to capture fleeting moments of life in photographs. However, this great technological advancement has also been one of the biggest problems with photography in our modern time – We tend to not print photos anymore but rather only look at them on screens. So, we are capturing more memories but we seem to be viewing, reviewing and cherishing them less. And yet, we love seeing these memories as they connect us to our people and places – They are part of how we “belong” to our lives.

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Apple Music & Holiday Playlists

The first sign of an impending holiday season has to be Christmas music. If you turn on the radio the morning after Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll be humming Good King Wenceslas midway through making a turkey sandwich (yes, I eat turkey sandwiches for breakfast. With gravy.)

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Why the Cloud will Change the Way you Look at Document Storage

A linchpin in the whole process, embracing cloud-based storage is a must for anyone committed to reducing the amount of square footage in your home and at work that has been lost to paper.

Since we started talking about going paperless, we haven’t really looked too deeply at where to store these documents. The default location is either your documents folder, or as with most scanner setups the Pictures folder. For many this is just fine, but two important questions to ask are:

  1. Is this device safe? If I lost it, how significant will my loss be?
  2. Do I need to access my documents while abroad, or away from home.

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Wireless Printing in 2017

One of the things I’ve always liked most about working with Macs is how easy printing is – or, was. For most of the last decade, printing was as easy as plugging your machine in with USB and hitting the right button.

Sure, you might have to download a “driver” (special printer software) from some weird website once in a while, or go on a wild goose chase for software for a more venerable printer, but overall things weren’t too bad at all — especially compared to PCs.

Unfortunately the advent of wireless printing has created new hoops to jump through. While many manufacturers have tried to come up with new standards to make things the same across the industry, the number of new “standards” has created a bit of an issue in itself.

Here are a few main types of printer connections you’re likely to run into outside of simple plug and play with USB.

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Buying a printer - Other considerations

When purchasing a new printer, often the focus is on the specs and features of a given model, but there are other considerations that can be overlooked. Often these aspects of owning and using a printer or multi-function device can be nearly as important as the actual device itself.

Some key consideration are:

Where will the printer be located in your home or office?

If multiple users will be writing to it, should be located in a communal place so that any one individual isn’t being disturbed by printing and print pick-up?

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Multi-function Ink Jet Printers

Do they still have a place in our home? How can we make best use of them, and what are the pitfalls to look out for?

Over the last few months, we’ve looked closely at a couple of solutions that are dedicated to capturing documents and reducing clutter. Scanner Pro is a gold-standard iPhone app by Riddle which turns your iPhone’s high-resolution camera into a very capable scanner. The Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 is a standalone document scanner and software solution designed for high-volume duplex scanning on your desktop.

But what of that inkjet you’ve had sitting on your desk? If you’re looking for a way to leverage your existing equipment, there’s a reason why I’ve left this scanning option to last.

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Spooky Stories of Mac Disaster

Gather round, my friends. Fall has come, and with it, the month of ghostly spectres and terrifying tales. Hold your iPhone tight and read on if you dare.

The Priceless Paperweight

It was a blustery October afternoon. Outside, the wind blew crooked branches towards Fred's office window with a creaking, cracking noise. Reeek. Reeek. Shaking off an eerie feeling, Fred picked up his iPhone. Sensing his movement, the phone awoke. Lo and behold, a new version of iOS was available for his iPhone with hundreds of new emojis! He couldn’t wait to text his friends all about the new kundalini class on Saturday — the new yoga emoji would be perfect. Maybe he’d finally get around to trying out that iCloud thing.

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Got Files?

Got Files?

Now that you’re going paperless, Apple’s iOS 11 has you covered with the new Files app. In a way, it’s like iOS now has a “Finder” of sorts. If you’ve been used to using the iCloud Drive app on your iPhone or iPad, Files is the replacement for that app.


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