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A Vision, a Dream, and the Mac Zen Team

The vision of this company was to bring together a broad skillset of IT specialists dedicated to providing exceptional service to individuals of all ages, families, and teams of all sizes. Our mandate is to provide you a distinctive experience—one that redefines what IT should be about, through engaging, proactive support for your Apple needs, regardless of your experience with, or concern for the technical aspects of living and working with Macs and Apple's many iDevices.

Our broad disciplines and backgrounds allow Mac Zen to provide full support for Homes and Businesses with Apple computers at their cores. Because we know and understand just how crucial interoperating with the Windows world and the Web is today, our team of integration experts ensure that your entire family and organization runs seemlessly together regardless of the platforms you introduce.

As Apple becomes a stronger and more prominent conerstone in the technology of the future, you can be confident that Mac Zen will be there to support you.

Aitan Roubini, ACSP, ACTC

Owner, Director of Corporate Services

Mac Zen founder and Apple guru, Aitan Roubini is the lead consultant for the team, and is responsible for the overall vision of the company. Aitan is an an Apple Certified Macintosh Specialist with considerable experience using all aspects of the Macintosh™ and iOS™ in the residential, and corporate environment.

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Sol Kauffman

Director, Residential Services

Sol is a veteran of Apple's corporate flagship store in Vancouver, BC, and a highly skilled Apple specialist. Sol's skills and knowledge providing support to residential customers, combined with ongoing customer service and team management experience contribute to his role in both servicing Victoria's residential community, and crafting the growth of Mac Zen's residential support services

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Neil Barman

Director, Remote Support Services

Neil's dominant expertise in his field as a Vectorworks master, spokesperson, support rep and trainer, speak volumes around his ethics, enthusiasm and drive. His impressive command of the Apple platform is a testament to years of high-pressure experience in the rigorous demands of Architechtual design. Neil's experience providing remote technical support to numerous industries translate fluidly into his role with Mac Zen supporting and directing the demand for trustworthy, reliable corporate remote support services. 

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Gerry Rachar

Windows Integration Specialist

Gerry Rachar is one of Victoria's top Windows Enterprise Specialists with over 25 years of experience in providing Microsoft Windows computing infrastructure for high-end residences and businesses. His services provide complete support for the Windows platform to Mac Zen's clients whose computing environments are predominantly Apple-based.

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Stefan Lehmann

Web & Hosting Integration Specialist

Stefan brings an essential range of experience in web development and design production. In addition to empowering Mac Zen's client communications, his presence on the Mac Zen team provides corporate clients with expert web hosting development support and ongoing maintenance. A key member in supporting Mac Zen's clients, Stefan's design production expertise extends our IT support services to include web, email, and direct-marketing infrastructure for small to medium businesses.

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